Who is Heidi Bosch Romano?

Heidi Heidi Bosch Romano is a fine artist. She enjoys painting portraits, photographing nature, and creating a variety of original artwork in different media. She also co-authors/illustrates children's picture books aimed at making reading time an enjoyable learning experience for all.

For more information, please visit her websites:

✦ privateerdragons.com ✦ divinecircleliving.com ✦ lunamont.com ✦ steverromano.com ✦ lunamontvisionsbooks.com ✦ ourpathtogod.com ✦ lunamontsigns.com ✦ rescuecenters.com ✦ lunamontportraits.com ✦ rep-society.com ✦ peacelovelightjoy.one ✦ lunamontwebdesign.com

Where to Find Heidi's Books

Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Ebay.com and other online bookstores.

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